minorities.comWe present you Minorities.com a resource site for developing diverse leaders.  Our mission is to promote diversity in the United States, provide scholarship and grant information to minority youths, and give minority business owners services and advice to help improve their entrepreneurship.  Minorities.com was established in 1997 and strives to be the #1 place on the web for minority issues and affairs.


Minorities.com is intended for people who are not ashamed of their heritage. We want people who will embrace their nationality or race. Whether African, Asian, Hispanic, or a mix of races, all need to take a stand now. Even non-minorities, can embrace and celebrate their heritage, whether French, Italian, Irish, or otherwise, and contribute their support to this site.

Our website will transform Minorities.com into a website dedicated to helping minorities across the globe.  Check out the blog for information about scholarships and grants.  We also list various career-related assessments and free courses for self-improvement and educational needs.  Crowdfunding is another way to close gap and to see more minority talent flourish. The website will also help minorities fund other projects, such as raising money for school, starting a business, or funding humanitarian efforts. Eventually, we will have an annual contest and choose one project to completely fund for each year; however, we cannot fulfill our goals without members and contributors such as you!

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