Die to Self, Die to Yourself


Expert Author Jamie EnglishWhat does die to self mean?

– Dying to the things you think you know

– Abandoning the limiting beliefs systems you have adopted in your life that lead you down the wrong road

– Dying to the need to judge others

– Dying to living in a state of righteousness

– Dying to your ego

– Dying to your pride and your unwillingness to ask for help

– Dying to your negative thoughts that take over your mind

– Giving up on the need to be right

– Having something to prove

– Being afraid to fail to the point where you don’t even try

– Abandoning fear by overcoming the obstacles you are afraid of

– Dying to your negative habits that have gotten in your way toward the road to success

– Dying to using negative words to express your feelings and emotions

– Dying to unforgiveness

These are just some of the ways to dying to oneself.

When I chose to die to myself, it wasn’t an easy thing to do. I had to abandon everything I thought was the truth. Expose myself and the lies that I once believed. Get rid of destructive habits that kept me in bondage for years. The decision to die to myself only came after constant failure and the desperation of wanting better for my life.

I had to work one by one to remove the negative attributes that kept me enslaved in my mind. I started to reprogram my mind and learn new, positive ways to handle change and adversity. I started with learning wisdom. The more I heard a new wisdom teaching, the more I was encouraged to change especially since wisdom is so, simple yet is carries much depth. I would apply one wisdom teaching to my life and see the fruits of the work and I just wanted more and more.

I applied more wisdom teachings to my life and it just spilled over in all areas.

For instance, here is one of the first wisdom statements I learned, What You make happen for Others, God will make happen for you.

Now before hearing that, I was trying to make everything happen for myself. Always trying to better my situation and work towards getting out of my own poverty. Then to hear this in my desperation, it was shocking.

Now, you must know what being desperate felt like in that time for me. It means I was out of my own options. I was tired of the self-inflicted pain and circumstances I was experiencing and I was willing to learn from a wise teacher who basically had been there, done that. Yes, I believe it takes that willingness to start from scratch and be willing to know nothing and abandon everything you’ve been taught… so I was willing.

I started at my job and in my home, doing things for others out of kindness and expecting a blessing in return at some point. Now I didn’t do the act out of just receiving, you have to do the act with a pure heart or else, it will not work.

Why Won’t it Work You Ask?

It will not work because wisdom requires truth and if you do not walk in truth, you walk in lies and basically you can not fake wisdom. Wisdom and Truth are the best of friends and work together.

The more I started to give out of a willing and kind heart, the more that was returned to me and helped me get out of my pit that I dug for myself. I must warn you it does not necessarily come back right away, it might take days, it might take weeks, it might take months or years but because you are not doing it out of selfishness, you know it is worth the wait.

Return on Investment

The returns have been life changing. I’ll quickly run through what has been returned to me plus more.

More loving relationships
Awareness of the power of my mind
A whole lot of forgiveness to extend
Peace of mind
Faith that is much larger than mustard seeds
Access to greatness
Honor (Given to me and extending it to others)
Living with the Spirit of God
A deeper understanding of the laws of God
Opportunities for Abundance
A river of ideas to implement
Building Wealth

All of these gifts came from the willingness to die to myself. The death of your old self, beliefs, thought patterns bad habits is worth your time and your effort. This is the place where peace exists, where freedom is experienced and where I feel the most closest to God.

Be well!

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I am a love mentor who will help you come back to a place of love, peace and fulfillment in your life. Get ready for a Life Coach experience… on steroids.

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