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Expert Author Raman Kuppuswamy

When John Lennon sang “Well I tell them there’s no problem, only solutions” in his “Watching The Wheels,” he perhaps meant that we should learn our lessons from our problems. In other words, problems are nothing but opportunities. This means that when confronted by failures, you must remember the words “Even this will pass.” Of course, these words will apply to pleasant situations in our lives as well which means that when we lead a comfortable life, we must be cautious and not take life for granted.

Everyone of us including you may come across problems and hurdles. But how you handle them determines your success. Problems and hurdles reveal to you that you must make a few changes immediately for surmounting them and for putting your success journey back on the right track. Not only that, by making these changes, you will be ensuring that you will not be repeating those mistakes.

Remember that despite severe weather conditions and turbulence that keep air crafts off course most of their flight time, almost all the flights arrive at the right destinations at the right time. How is this possible? It is the guidance system that is known as the “inertial guidance system” and the traffic control that help pilots of the air crafts do constant course corrections.

Problems and hurdles provide you with the opportunities to do constant corrections. If you do not take immediate action for making the required changes, it may not only not allow you to achieve the success you are aiming at but may lead to catastrophe as well. Another advantage of constant course correction is that you can manage your life easily.

So, always remember the words “Even this will pass,” learn from the hurdles or the problems you face and hasten your success.

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